About Dross World

Dross management Systems & Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a startup company in the field of environmental engineering with the innovative technology of sceintifically disposing of Municupal Solid Waste. Since 2016 Dross has been working restlessly to develop a true solution of the solid waste problem. We have designed, developed and manufactured “DROSS-MAGIC” an instant un-sorted mixed solid waste disposal machine. It is really a new innovation and scientific approach which is the matchless in the field of Solid waste management and enables to adopting zero landfill mission.

Dross MSW disposal technology is fully automated technological process that is able to process and covert MSW into high energy fuel pellets. The technology involves conversion of solid waste by an integrated process in a chronological and synchronized process of converting waste into useful products.

Technology provided is 100% eco-friendly, smokeless, soundless & odorless and pathogen & viruses free work place in the field of waste management. Waste Re-Derived Fuel, which have been processed to fulfill guideline, SWM rules amended 2016, latest released by India’s pollution watchdog, central pollution control board (CPCB) mainly to achieve a high sanitation & environment. The major problem in decentralization of MSW is effective, reliable economically viable and sustainable technology.

Dross -Magic has the following special features that make it “ONLY OF ITS KIND” in the field of Municipal Solid Waste disposal.

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  1. Municipal Corporations/councils/committees to adopt decenterlize waste management.
  2. In smart cities to adopt decenterlize waste management
  3. Housing Societies/ apartments/complexes
  4. Army/Naval/ Air-Force Stations/bases
  5. Hotel/Restaurents/Resorts/canteens
  6. Hospitals/malls/ industries/commercial compexes
  7. Vegetable/Fish/Meat markets
  8. Railways stations/air-ports

Operation Related

  1. Completely automatic with single switch control system.
  2. Deals with all kinds of mixed waste except metal, big wooden piece, stones
  3. Recovery 100%
    • 60 to 70% in shape of solid powder with 95% volume reduction by mass
    • 30 to 40% in shape of distilled water with zero pathogen
  4. Quality of output fully hygienic and usable
  5. Do not require any extra material for treatment

Life Related

  1. High quality metals are used for manufacturing of Dross making it durable
  2. Hardox 600 knives work for long period
  3. All panels and exterior are made with SS 316.

User Safety related

  1. Instant disposal technique reduces operational period hence saves time, electricity and money
  2. End products are also used to increase production of agriculture and energy
  3. Zero landfill saves land and water from contamination and air from pollution, saves natural resources
  4. Improved environmental conditions of locality improves human health and reduces medical expenses.

Contribution to economy related

  1. Complete operation are controlled with one switch and synchronized so it is 100% safe.
  2. No heating system is used so absolutely no chance for electrical soaks/burning.

Contribution to Environment related

  1. Small disposal time is shortening the life of waste therefore, No water contamination and air pollution is possible within few hours.
  2. Decentralize management system eliminates the transportation son vehicular pollution has also removed.
  3. Removes shabby looking

What Our Clients Say

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